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Environmental Review

If HUD federal funds through programs like HOME or Risk Sharing are used to finance a housing project, a HUD Part 58 Environmental Review must be completed by MFA before the project can begin. The environmental review allows MFA to determine if there the project could adversely affect the environment. If that determination is made, MFA will inform the public about the project's environmental impact, and provide an opportunity for public comment and/or to voice an objection to the use of federal funds for the project.

Depending on the activity, an environmental review can take from seven to 100 or more days. Therefore, it is crucial that developers contact MFA's environmental review officer, listed in the tab below, to initiate the environmental review process at the time the application for HOME or Risk Sharing funds is submitted to MFA Housing Development Department. It is also important to note that a developer may not take any choice-limiting actions such as acquisition or any actions that might have an adverse environmental impact (any site work) before the review process is complete and written clearance has been provided by MFA's environmental review officer.

MFA requires developers to assist in compiling the appropriate compliance documentation. For most projects with five or more units, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment prepared by a qualified environmental professional to ASTM E1527 standards must be provided. The assessment should include NESHAP/AHERA asbestos survey for all rehabilitation and HUD lead-based paint risk assessment for rehabilitation of pre-1978 buildings in addition to the MFA form below titled MFA Environmental Checklist.

Below you will find several forms, instructions, and related materials to assist in compiling this documentation. Please contact MFA to consult prior to compiling any environmental review documents.  All environmental review forms and documentation must be submitted to MFA electronically.  More guidance can be found at the HUD Exchange website: and at .

ER Coloring Book

Site and Neighborhood Standards Certification updated 12/18

Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 58.5

Environmental Assessment Determinations and Compliance Findings for HUD-assisted Projects 24 CFR Part 58

Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Exempt or Categorically Excluded Not Subject to Section 58.5

Broad-Level Tiered Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 58.5

Wild and Scenic Rivers Map
Sole Source Acquifers Map
Floodplain - 8 step process with Notices
NEPA EA Factors Guidance
Non-attainment areas in New Mexico
USDA Acres of Prime Farmland Map
USGS Coastal Barrier Map

Sample Notices:

11 - Combined Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds

12 - Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds

13 - Sample Early Notice and Public Review of a Proposed Activity in Floodplain

14 - Sample Final Notice and Public Explanation of a Proposed Activity in Floodplain

15 - Sample Notice of Airport Hazards

New Mexico Airport List

Other Resources:

16 - 7015.15 Instructions

16 - 7015.15 Blank Form

Summary of Requirements under 24 CFR 58

HUD ER Process Summary Chart

Flowchart of ER Process PDF

Assessment Techniques for NEPA EA

Floodplain Management Requirements (24 CFR 55)

8 Step Process for Floodplain Management Flowchart

HUD's Noise Guidebook

Accident Potential Zones Fact Sheet

List of Websites Relevant to Environmental Reviews


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